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This blog is to document the workings of the TSDSU Vice President of Welfare & Education on Lampeter Campus. feel free to send messages if you have any questions regarding student welfare, housing, personal issues, anything. seriously, go for it!

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Substance Abuse! (The dangers of) / Welfare Team!

Today I had a meeting with the lovely Steph from Cyswllt Contact

There’s going to be some awesome training available to volunteers, as well as some helping hands for our Alcohol Awareness campaign! goody!

I highly recommend you clickidy clack that link if your interested in helping someone with a drug problem, or if you just want someone to talk to about those types of issues - they’re here to help!

Also, check out THE WELFARE TEAM! we need volunteers! it’s a good cause, it’s going to be lots of fun!

PRODUCTIVE DAY OR WHAT?! I need a cold coca-cola and ice, me thinks!

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